In 2015 I completed a body of wearable sculptural work for my thesis in OCADU’s Fine Art Program entitled The Escapist Series. This series featured six hand sculpted wearable pieces made from found and repurposed materials that reflected my yearning to meld cohesion between the human, animal, and plant world. A yearning developed from feelings of unjust harm that humanity has governed over the flora and fauna on our earth and an imaged dystopian future as a result of this misuse. I connected each imagined being to an archetypal representation of what challenges I was dealing with at the time of creation and this solidified my understanding that mask making had become a primary mode of art therapy for me. Aesthetically, the push to create this style of work was also born out of an attempt to establish my own form of regalia that reflected both my unique inner sense of self with outside influences from my mixed cultural background of English, Italian, and Métis.



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The Escapist Series consisted of six mixed media wearable pieces, a hand bound book of free writing associated with each piece, and two short videos of the masks being worn in an environment.

Modelled by Martha Meredith of For Esme

Photos courtesy of Jeff Bierk.